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Olga Arsenievna Oleinik (Russian: Ольга Арсеньевна Олейник) (July 2, 1925 in Matusiv, Ukraine – October 13, 2001, Moscow, Russia) was a Soviet mathematician who conducted pioneering work on the theory of partial differential equations, the theory of strongly inhomogeneous elastic media, and the mathematical theory of boundary layers. She was a student of Ivan Petrovsky. She studied and worked at the Moscow State University.

She received many prizes for her remarkable contributions: the Chebotarev Prize in 1952; the Lomonosov Prize in 1964; the State Prize 1988; the Petrowsky Prize in 1995; and the Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1995. Also she was member of several foreign academies of sciences, and earned several honorary degrees.


Research activity

She authored more than 370 mathematical publications and 8 monographs, as a single or in collaboration with others: her work belongs to algebraic geometry, to the theory of partial differential equations where her work enlighted varius aspects, elasticity theory and boundary layers theory.

Teaching activity

She was an enthusiast and very active teacher, advising the thesis of 57 "candidates".

See also

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* Oleinink, O.A. (1960), "A method of solution of the general Stefan problem", Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 135: 1050–1057, Zbl 0131.09202 (in Russian). An important paper in the theory of the Stefan problem: for the first time and independently of S.L. Kamenomostskaya the author proves the existence of a generalized solution for the multi dimensional model.
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