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Oskar Perron (7 May 1880 – 22 February 1975) was a German mathematician.

He was a professor at the University of Heidelberg from 1914 to 1922 and at the University of Munich from 1922 to 1951. He made numerous contributions concerning differential equations and partial differential equations. He is also famous for his encyclopedic book on continued fractions Die Lehre von den Kettenbrüchen.

See also

* Perron–Frobenius theorem
* Perron's formula
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* Henstock–Kurzweil integral

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* O'Connor, John J.; Robertson, Edmund F., "Oskar Perron", MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, University of St Andrews, http://www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk/Biographies/Perron.html .
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