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Wolfgang Gröbner (February 2, 1899 – August 20, 1980) was an Austrian mathematician. His name is best known for the Gröbner basis, used for computations in algebraic geometry.

Wolfgang Grobner

He was born in Gossensaß, which at that time was in Austria; it is now part of Italy.

Gröbner first studied engineering at the University of Technology in Graz, Austria, but switched in 1929 to mathematics.

He wrote his dissertation Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Minimalbasen in 1932 at the University of Vienna; his advisor was Phillip Furtwängler. After his promotion, he did further studies in Göttingen under Emmy Noether, in what is now known as commutative algebra.

His student, Bruno Buchberger, introduced Gröbner bases in his 1965 PhD thesis. Buchberger named them after his advisor.

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