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Yoshida Mitsuyoshi (吉田 光由?, 1598–1672), also known as Yoshida Kōyū, was a Japanese mathematician in the Edo period.[1] His popular and widely-disseminated published work made him the most well known writer about mathematics in his lifetime.[2]

He was a student of Kambei Mori (also known as Mōri Shigeyoshi). Along with Imamura Chishō and Takahara Kisshu, Yoshida became known to his contemporaries as one of "the Three Arithemeticians."[3]

Yoshida was the author of the oldest extant Japanese mathematical text. The 1627 work was named Jinkōki. The work dealt with the subject of soroban arithmetic, including square and cube root operations.[4]

Selected works

Yoshida's published writings encompass 25 works in 32 publications in 1 language and 43 library holdings.[5]

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* 1643 — Jinkōki (塵劫記?), OCLC 22023455088
* 1659 — Shinpen Jinkōki (新編塵劫記?), OCLC 22057549632
* 1818 — Sanpō chiedakara ( 筭法智惠寳?), OCLC 22057124215
* 1850 — Chikamichi Jinkōki' ( 近道塵劫記?), OCLC 22055982082

See also

* Sangaku, the custom of presenting mathematical problems, carved in wood tablets, to the public in shinto shrines
* Soroban, a Japanese abacus
* Japanese mathematics (wasan)


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