Complex dynamics is the study of dynamical systems defined by iteration of functions on complex number spaces. Complex analytic dynamics is the study of the dynamics of specifically analytic functions.


Montel's theorem
Poincaré metric
Schwarz lemma
Riemann mapping theorem
Carathéodory's theorem (conformal mapping)
Combinatorial [2]
Hubbard trees
The Spider algorithm
Devil's Staircase algorithm
Orbit portraits


Holomorphic dynamics ( dynamics of holomorphic functions )[3]
in one complex variable
in several complex variables

Conformal dynamics unites holomorphic dynamics in one complex variable with differentiable dynamics in one real variable.

See also

Complex analysis
John Milnor
Complex quadratic polynomial
Fatou set
Julia set
Mandelbrot set
Chaos Theory
Infinite compositions of analytic functions


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