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In mathematics, the Askey–Gasper inequality is an inequality for Jacobi polynomials proved by Richard Askey and George Gasper (1976) and used in the proof of the Bieberbach conjecture.


It states that if β ≥ 0, α + β ≥ −2, and −1 ≤ x ≤ 1 then

\( \sum_{k=0}^n \frac{P_k^{(\alpha,\beta)}(x)}{P_k^{(\beta,\alpha)}(1)} \ge 0 \)


\( P_k^{(\alpha,\beta)}(x) \)

is a Jacobi polynomial.

The case when β = 0 can also be written as

\( {}_3F_2 \left (-n,n+\alpha+2,\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+1);\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+3),\alpha+1;t \right)>0, \qquad 0\leq t<1, \quad \alpha>-1. \)

In this form, with α a non-negative integer, the inequality was used by Louis de Branges in his proof of the Bieberbach conjecture.


Ekhad (1993) gave a short proof of this inequality, by combining the identity

\( \begin{align} \frac{(\alpha+2)_n}{n!} &\times {}_3F_2 \left (-n,n+\alpha+2,\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+1);\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+3),\alpha+1;t \right) = \\ &= \frac{\left(\tfrac{1}{2} \right)_j\left (\tfrac{\alpha}{2}+1 \right )_{n-j} \left (\tfrac{\alpha}{2}+\tfrac{3}{2} \right )_{n-2j}(\alpha+1)_{n-2j}}{j!\left (\tfrac{\alpha}{2}+\tfrac{3}{2} \right )_{n-j}\left (\tfrac{\alpha}{2}+\tfrac{1}{2} \right )_{n-2j}(n-2j)!} \times {}_3F_2\left (-n+2j,n-2j+\alpha+1,\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+1);\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha+2),\alpha+1;t \right ) \end{align} \)

with the Clausen inequality.


Gasper & Rahman (2004, 8.9) give some generalizations of the Askey–Gasper inequality to basic hypergeometric series.

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