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The Fundamenta Mathematicae is a mathematical research journal with special focus on the foundations of mathematics.

It was a brain child of Zygmunt Janiszewski and founded in 1920 by the Polish mathematicians Sierpinski, Mazurkiewicz and Janiszewski, and published in Warsaw. Soon they were joined by Kazimierz Kuratowski, and later by Karol Borsuk.

The journal was meant from the very beginning to be international, but the first volume was filled exclusively by Polish mathematicians, to present to the world the emerging Polish Mathematical School.

The journal was devoted only to Topology, Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics. It was the first specialized journal in the history of mathematics. Specialized journals are a norm today, while it was a revolutionary idea at the time.

Today the journal is distributed by the Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


* Journal homepage

* Online archive: 1920-2000

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