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The Pacific Journal of Mathematics (ISSN 0030-8730) is a mathematics research journal supported by a number of American, Asian and Australian universities and research institutes, and currently published on their behalf by Mathematical Sciences Publishers, a non-profit academic publishing organisation.

It was founded in 1951 by F. Wolf and Edwin F. Beckenbach and has been published continuously since, with five two-issue volumes per year. Full-text PDF versions of all journal articles are available on-line via the journal's website with a subscription.

The current academic editors of the journal are:

* V S Varadarajan, University of California, Los Angeles

* Vyjayanthi Chari, University of California, Riverside

* Robert Finn, Stanford University

* Kefeng Liu, University of California, Los Angeles

* Darren Long, University of California, Santa Barbara

* Jiang-Hua Lu, University of Hong Kong

* Sorin Popa, University of California, Los Angeles

* Jie Qing, University of California, Santa Cruz

* Jonathan Rogawski, University of California, Los Angeles


* Pacific Journal of Mathematics

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