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In mathematics, the Bott residue formula, introduced by Bott (1967), describes a sum over the fixed points of a holomorphic vector field of a compact complex manifold.


If v is a holomorphic vector field on a compact complex manifold M, then

\( \sum_{v(p)=0}\frac{P(A_p)}{\det A_p} = \int_M P(i\Theta/2\pi) \)


The sum is over the fixed points p of the vector field v
The linear transformation Ap is the action induced by v on the holomorphic tangent space at p
P is an invariant polynomial function of matrices of degree dim(M)
Θ is a curvature matrix of the holomorphic tangent bundle

See also

Atiyah–Bott fixed-point theorem
Holomorphic Lefschetz fixed-point formula


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Griffiths, Phillip; Harris, Joseph (1994), Principles of algebraic geometry, Wiley Classics Library, New York: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-0-471-05059-9, MR 1288523

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