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In differential geometry, the Chen–Gackstatter surface family (or the Chen–Gackstatter–Thayer surface family) is a family of minimal surfaces that generalize the Enneper surface by adding handles, giving it nonzero topological genus.[1][2]

They are not embedded, and have Enneper-like ends. The members \( M_{ij} \) of the family are indexed by the number of extra handles i and the winding number of the Enneper end; the total genus is ij and the total Gaussian curvature is \( -4\pi(i+1)j \).[3] It has been shown that M_{11} is the only genus one orientable complete minimal surface of total curvature -8\pi.[4]

It has been conjectured that continuing to add handles to the surfaces will in the limit converge to the Scherk's second surface (for j = 1) or the saddle tower family for j > 1.[2]


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