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In mathematics, n-dimensional complex space is a multi-dimensional generalisation of the complex numbers, which have both real and imaginary parts or dimensions. The n-dimensional complex space can be seen as n cartesian products of the complex numbers with itself:

\( \C^n = \underbrace{\C \times \C \times \cdots \times \C}_{n\text{-times}} \)

The n-dimensional complex space consists of ordered n-tuples of complex numbers, called coordinates:

\( \C^n = \{ (z_1,\ldots,z_n) : z_i \in \C \text{ for all } 1 \le i \le n\} \)

The real and imaginary parts of a complex number may be treated as separate dimensions. With this interpretation, the space \( \C^n \) of n complex numbers can be seen as having \( 2 \times n \) dimensions represented by \( 2 \times n \) -tuples of real numbers. The two different interpretations can cause confusion about the dimension of a complex space.

The study of complex spaces, or complex manifolds, is called complex geometry.

One dimension

The complex line \( \C^1 \) has one real and one imaginary dimension. It is analogous in some ways to two-dimensional real space, and may be represented as an Argand diagram in the real plane.

In projective geometry, the complex projective line includes a point at infinity in the Argand diagram and is an example of a Riemann sphere.
Two dimensions

The term "complex plane" can be confusing. It is sometimes used to denote\( \C^2 \) , and sometimes to denote the \( \C^1 \) space represented in the Argand diagram (with the Riemann sphere referred to as the "extended complex plane"). In the present context of \( \C^n \) , it is understood to denote \( \C^2. \)

An intuitive understanding of the complex projective plane is given by Edwards (2003), which he attributes to Von Staudt.


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