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Pantelides algorithm gives a systematic method for reducing high-index systems of differential-algebraic equations to lower index, by selectively adding differentiated forms of the equations already present in the system.[1][2][3] It is possible for the algorithm to fail in some instances.

Pantelides algorithm is implemented in several significant equation-based simulation programs such as gPROMS, Modelica and EMSO.[4][5][6]]


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Francois Cellier, Lecture notes about Pantelides algorithm
John Pye, Pantelides Algorithm in PHP (source code in PHP language)
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EMSO a free-to-use closed-source simulator/equation solver that includes implementation for the Pantelides algorithm.

1 Examples of spectral methods
1.1 A concrete, linear example
1.1.1 Algorithm
1.2 A concrete, nonlinear example
2 A relationship with the spectral element method
3 See also

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