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In mathematics, more specifically in chromatic homotopy theory, the redshift conjecture states, roughly, that algebraic K-theory K(R) has chromatic level one higher than that of a complex-oriented ring spectrum R.[1]


Future directions, Tyler Lawson, April 27, 2013


Christian Ausoni and John Rognes, The Chromatic Red-Shift in algebraic K-theory, Guido’s book of conjectures, available at∼math-indira/GMFinal.pdf or [1], 2006.
Craig Westerland, A higher chromatic analogue of the image of J,

Further reading

Dundas, Bjørn Ian; Goodwillie, Thomas G.; McCarthy, Randy (2012). The Local Structure of Algebraic K-Theory (PDF). Algebra and Applications 18. Springer-Verlag. p. 313 (or 301). ISBN 1447143930.

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