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In mathematics, Stieltjes–Wigert polynomials (named after T. J. Stieltjes and Carl Severin Wigert) are family of basic hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials in the basic Askey scheme, for the weight function

\( w(x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\pi}}k\exp(-k^2\log(x)^2) \)

on the positive real line x > 0.

The moment problem for the Stieltjes–Wigert polynomials is indeterminate; in other words, there are many other measures giving the same family of orthogonal polynomials (see Krein's condition).

Roelof Koekoek, Peter A. Lesky, and René F. Swarttouw (2010, 14) give a detailed list of their properties.


The polynomials are given in terms of basic hypergeometric functions and the Pochhammer symbol by

\( \displaystyle S_n(x;q) = \frac{1}{(q;q)_n)}{}_1\phi_1(q^{-n},0;q,-q^{n+1}x) \)

(where q = e−1(2k2)).


Since the moment problem for these polynomials is indeterminate there are many different weight functions on [0,∞] for which they are orthogonal. Two examples of such weight functions are

\( \frac{1}{(-x,-qx^{-1};q)_\infty} \)


\( \frac{k}{\sqrt{\pi}}\exp(-k^2(\log x)^2) \)


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When k = n or n−1 we saw in the previous section that Vk(Fn) is a principal homogeneous space, and therefore diffeomorphic to the corresponding classical group. These are listed in the table at the right.

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