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MAX-lab, The MAX IV Laboratory, located at the northern campus of Lund University, Lund, Sweden, is a synchrotron light source facility and a Swedish National Laboratory. The lab operates three storage rings; MAX I (550 MeV, opened 1986), MAX II (1,5 GeV, opened 1997) and MAX III (700 MeV, opened 2008). MAX-lab supports about 600 users from over 30 countries annually. The facility operates 14 beamlines with a total of 19 independent experimental stations, supporting a wide range of experimental techniques such as macromolecular crystallography, electron spectroscopy, nanolithography and production of tagged photons for photo-nuclear experiments.

Construction of the next generation synchrotron radiation source in Lund, MAX IV, has begun. In November 2010 was the inauguration of the construction site of MAX IV.

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