Anatoly Alexandrovich Vlasov (Russian: Анатолий Александрович Власов; 20 August [O.S. 7 August] 1908 Balashov, Saratov Oblast, Russia - 22 December 1975 Moscow) was a Russian mathematical physicist prominent in the fields of statistical mechanics and kinetics.

The Vlasov equation is fundamental to plasma physics; it is related to the Liouville equation and the Collisionless Boltzmann equation (CBE).

He earned his degree from Moscow State University in 1931 and worked there all his life, collaborating with Nobelists Pyotr Kapitsa, Lev Landau and others. He became a full Professor at Moscow State University in 1944. He won the Lenin Prize in 1970. His main works are in optics, plasma physics, physics of crystals, theory of gravitation, statistical physics.


* Anatoly Vlasov in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Russian)

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