Boris Podolsky (Борис Подольский) born into a Jewish family at 1896, Taganrog, Russia - died 1966, U.S.), was a Russian physicist. Working with Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, he conceived the EPR Paradox, which stimulated debate as to the interpretation of quantum mechanics. In 1933, Podolsky and Lev Landau conceived the idea to write a textbook of electromagnetism beginning with special relativity and emphasizing theoretical postulates rather than experimental laws. This project did not come to fruition due to Podolsky's emigration from the Soviet Union. In the hands of Lev Davidovich Landau and E. Lifshitz, the outline they produced became "The Classical Theory of Fields" (1951). In the hands of Podolsky and K. Kunz, the outline became "Fundamentals of Electrodynamics" (1969).

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