Friedrich Paschen

Friedrich Paschen (Schwerin, January 22, 1865 - February 25, 1947, Potsdam), was a German 19th century physicist, known for his work on electrical discharges. He is also known for the Paschen series, a series of hydrogen spectral lines in the infrared region that he first observed in 1908. He established the now widely used Paschen curve in his article "Über die zum Funkenübergang in Luft, Wasserstoff and Kohlensäure bei verschiedenen Drücken erforderliche Potentialdifferenz".[1]

See also

* Paschen's Law


1. ^ Friedrich Paschen (1889). "Ueber die zum Funkenübergang in Luft, Wasserstoff und Kohlensäure bei verschiedenen Drucken erforderliche Potentialdifferenz". Annalen der Physik 273 (5): 69-75. doi:10.1002/andp.18892730505.


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