Prof. Holger Bech Nielsen (*)

Holger Bech Nielsen (born 25 August 1941) is a Danish theoretical physicist, professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, at the University of Copenhagen, where he started studying physics in 1961.

He has made original contributions to theoretical particle physics, for example string theory. He was awarded the highly esteemed Humboldt Prize in 2001 for his scientific research. Several nuclear physical concepts are named after him, e.g. Nielsen-Olesen Vortex. He is known in Denmark for his enthusiastic public lectures on physics, his latest being at University of Southern Denmark in Odense (March 10, 2005), Kulturhuset i Skanderborg (January 26, 2006), at EUCVest in Esbjerg (March 21, 2006), and at Regensen in Copenhagen (April 12, 2006).

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