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In physics, specifically general relativity, the Mathisson–Papapetrou–Dixon equations describe the motion of a spinning massive object, moving in a gravitational field. Other equations with similar names and mathematical forms are the Mathisson-Papapetrou equations and Papapetrou-Dixon equations. All three sets of equations describe the same physics.

They are named for M. Mathisson,[1] W. G. Dixon,[2] and A. Papapetrou.[3]

Throughout, this article uses the natural units c = G = 1, and tensor index notation.

For a particle of mass m, the Mathisson–Papapetrou–Dixon equations are:[4][5]

{\displaystyle {\frac {D}{ds}}\left(mu^{\lambda }+u_{\mu }{\frac {DS^{\lambda \mu }}{ds}}\right)=-{\frac {1}{2}}u^{\pi }S^{\rho \sigma }R^{\lambda }{}_{\pi \rho \sigma }}

{\displaystyle {\frac {DS^{\mu \nu }}{ds}}+u^{\mu }u_{\sigma }{\frac {DS^{\nu \sigma }}{ds}}-u^{\nu }u_{\sigma }{\frac {DS^{\mu \sigma }}{ds}}=0}

where: u is the four velocity (1st order tensor), S the spin tensor (2nd order), R the Riemann curvature tensor (4th order), and the capital "D" indicates the covariant derivative with respect to the particle's proper time s (an affine parameter).


Mathisson–Papapetrou equations

For a particle of mass m, the Mathisson–Papapetrou equations are:[6][7]
{\displaystyle {\frac {D}{ds}}mu^{\lambda }=-{\frac {1}{2}}u^{\pi }S^{\rho \sigma }R^{\lambda }{}_{\pi \rho \sigma }}
{\displaystyle {\frac {DS^{\mu \nu }}{ds}}+u^{\mu }u_{\sigma }{\frac {DS^{\nu \sigma }}{ds}}-u^{\nu }u_{\sigma }{\frac {DS^{\mu \sigma }}{ds}}=0}

using the same symbols as above.
Papapetrou–Dixon equations
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