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Andrew Gemant Award

The Andrew W. Gemant Award is a prize awarded by the American Institute of Physics to a person who has made substantial cultural, artistic, or humanistic contributions to physics.[1]. The award is named after Andrew Gemant.
Andrew W. Gemant Award Winners

Year Name
1987 Philip Morrison
1988 Freeman Dyson
1989 Gerald Holton
1990 Jeremy Bernstein
1991 Cyril Stanley Smith
1992 Martin Aitken
1993 Abraham Pais
1994 Spencer Weart
1995 Robert R. Wilson
1996 Alan Lightman
1997 Steven Weinberg
1998 Stephen Hawking
1999 Paula Apsell
2000 James Trefil
2001 Lawrence Krauss
2002 Michael Riordan
2003 Brian Greene
2004 Alan Friedman
2005 Hans Christian von Baeyer
2006 Marcia Bartusiak
2007 Andrew Fraknoi
2008 John S. Rigden
2009 Brian Schwartz
2010 Daniel R. Altschuler

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