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Arctowski Medal

The Arctowski Medal is awarded by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences "for studies in solar physics and solar-terrestrial relationships." Named in honor of Henryk Arctowski, it was first awarded in 1969.

List of Arctowski Medal winners

2011: John W. Harvey
2010: Marcia Neugebauer
2008: Leonard F. Burlaga
2005: Edward J. Smith
2002: Roger K. Ulrich
1999: Arthur J. Hundhausen
1996: Raymond G. Roble
1993: John A. Simpson
1990: Peter A. Sturrock
1987: John A. Eddy
1984: William E. Gordon
1981: Thomas M. Donahue
1978: John R. Winckler
1975: Jacques M. Beckers
1972: Francis S. Johnson
1969: Eugene N. Parker and J. Paul Wild

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