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Hannes Alfvén Prize

The Hannes Alfvén Prize, is a prize of plasma physics issued annually by the European Physical Society (EPS).

It's named after physicist Hannes Alfvén.

2000: Radu Balescu
2001: Vitaly Shafranov
2002: Marshall N. Rosenbluth
2003: Vladimir Evgenievitch Fortov
2004: J W Connor, R J Hastie, and J B Taylor
2005: Malcolm Haines, Tom Sanford, and Valentin Smirnov
2006: Paul-Henri Rebut
2007: Friedrich Wagner
2008: Liu Chen
2009: Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn
2010: Allen Boozer and Jürgen Nührenberg
2011: Patrick Diamond, Akira Hasegawa, and Kunioki Mima

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