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Lilienfeld Prize

The Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize of the American Physical Society has been awarded annually, since 1989. (It was not awarded in 2002). The purpose of the Prize is to recognize outstanding contributions to physics.


2010: David Campbell & Shlomo Havlin
2009: Ramamurti Shankar
2008: H. Eugene Stanley
2007: Lisa Randall
2006: Mikhail Shifman
2005: Robert Hamilton Austin
2004: H. Jeff Kimble
2003: Frank A. Wilczek
2002: Not Awarded
2001: Lawrence M. Krauss
2000: Robert J. Birgeneau
1999: Stephen William Hawking
1998: Douglas James Scalapino
1997: Michael S. Turner
1996: Kip Stephen Thorne
1995: Valentine A. Telegdi
1994: Marvin L. Cohen
1993: David N. Schramm
1992: Alan H. Guth and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
1991: Daniel Kleppner
1990: Michael V. Berry
1989: N. David Mermin

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