Ludwig Biermann Award

The Ludwig Biermann Award is an annual prize awarded by the German Astronomische Gesellschaft to an outstanding young astronomer.[1] The prize is named in honour of the German astronomer Ludwig Biermann and was first awarded in 1989, three years after his death. Nominees for the award must be under the age of 35.[2] The monetary value of the award is 2500 €, and it is intended to enable the awardee to make one or more research visits to an institute of their choice. Usually, only a single prize is awarded per year, but in a few cases, two prizes have been awarded.[3]

Past winners of the Ludwig Biermann Award
Ludwig Biermann Award Winners[3] Year Name
1989 Norbert Langer
1990 Reinhard W. Hanuschik
1992 Joachim Puls
1993 Andreas Burkert
1994 Christoph W. Keller
1995 Karl Mannheim
1996 Eva K. Grebel, Matthias L. Bartelmann
1997 Ralf Napiwotzki
1998 Ralph Neuhäuser
1999 Markus Kissler-Patig
2000 Heino Falcke
2001 Stefanie Komossa
2002 Ralf Klessen
2003 Luis R. Bellot Rubio
2004 Falk Herwig
2005 Philipp Richter
2006 No award
2007 Henrik Beuther, Ansgar Reiners
2008 Andreas Koch
2009 Anna Frebel, Sonja Schuh


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