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Majorana Prize

The Majorana Prize is awarded annually by the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP) for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics. It is named after Ettore Majorana, an Italian theoretical physicist who began promising work on neutrino masses and Majorana equation. On the occasion of the Majorana Centenary in 2006 and the editing of the Special Issue about his Legacy in Contemporary Physics, the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics has established a prize in memory of the great Sicilian physicist Ettore Majorana (1906 - 1938). The "Majorana Medal" is an annual prize of excellence for the researchers who showed peculiar creativity, critical sense in mathematical and theoretical physics. For the Centenary of Ettore Majorana the (1906-1938) Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics' (EJTP) has published a special issue dedicated to the modern development of Majorana’s legacy. [1][2]

The prize will be awarded to three different categories:

The Best Person in Physics (outstanding in physics).
The Best EJTP Special Issue Paper.
The Best EJTP Paper.

Majorana Prizes Laureates (2006)

Erasmo Recami[3]
Ennakkal Chandy George Sudarshan[3]
Jason Zimba[3]
Gordon W. Semenoff and Pasquale Sodano[3]

Majorana Prizes Laureates (2007)

Lee Smolin[3]
Eliano Pessa[3]
Marcello Cini[3]

Majorana Prizes Laureates (2008)

Geoffrey F. Chew[3]
Hagen Kleinert[3]
S. Esposito and G. Salesi[3]
Giuseppe Vitiello[3]
N. I. Farahat and W. I. Eshraim[3]

Majorana Prizes Laureates (2009)

Mario Rasetti[3]
J. P. Singh[3]

Majorana Prize Laureates (2010)

N. David Mermin[3]
Tuluzov, and S. I. Melnyk[3]
Robert carroll[3]

Majorana Prize committee (2010)

Erasmo Recami (Head of the Committee)[3]
Fabio Majorana[3]
E.C. George Sudarshan[3]
Eliano Pessa[3]
Jason Zimba[3]
Leonardo Chiatti[3]
José Luis Loَpez-Bonilla[3]
Ignazio Licata[3]
Ammar Sakaji[3]

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