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Max Born Prize

The Max-Born-Prize is a scientific prize awarded yearly by the German Physical Society and the British Institute of Physics in memory of the German physicist Max Born. The terms of the award are that it is "to be presented for outstanding contributions to physics". The award goes to a German and a British physicist in alternate years. The prize is accompanied by a silver medal about 6 cm in diameter and 0,5 cm thick. One face carries a profile of Max Born and his name and dates. The other face carries the equation pq - qp = h/2πi and the full names of IOP and DPG. The recipient's full name and year of award is engraved around the rim.

List of recipients

1973 Roger Cowley
1974 Walter Greiner
1975 Trevor Moss
1976 Hermann Haken
1977 Walter Spear
1978 Herbert Walther
1979 John Taylor
1980 Helmut Faissner
1981 Cyril Domb
1982 Wolfgang Kaiser
1983 Andrew Keller
1984 Amand Faessler
1985 George Isaak
1986 Josef Stuke
1987 Cyril Hilsum
1988 Peter Armbruster
1989 Robert Williams
1990 Ernst Otto Göbel
1991 Gilbert Lonzarich
1992 Joachim Heintze
1993 David Hanna
1994 Wolfgang Demtröder
1995 Michael Key
1996 Jürgen Mlynek
1997 Robin Marshall
1998 Gerhard Abstreiter
1999 John Dainton
2000 Rolf Felst
2001 Volker Heine
2002 Siegfried Dietrich
2003 Brian Foster
2004 Matthias Scheffler
2005 Michael William Finnis
2006 Dieter Bimberg
2007 Alan D. Martin
2008 Hagen Kleinert
2009 Robin Devenish

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