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Otto Laporte Award

The Otto Laporte Award (1972–2003) was an annual award by the American Physical Society (APS) to "recognize outstanding contributions to fluid dynamics" and to honour Otto Laporte (1902–1971). It was established as the Otto Laporte Memorial Lectureship by the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics in 1972, and became an APS award in 1985. The Otto Laporte Award was merged into the Fluid Dynamics Prize in 2004, in order to obtain one major prize in fluid dynamics by the APS.


2003: Norman J. Zabusky
2002: Andrea Prosperetti
2001: John Kim
2000: Hassan Aref
1999: Eli Reshotko
1998: David G. Crighton
1997: Marvin Emanuel Goldstein
1996: Donald Coles
1995: Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
1994: Philip G. Saffman
1993: Robert Kraichnan
1992: William C. Reynolds
1991: Steven A. Orszag
1990: Tony Maxworthy
1989: Chia-Shun Yih
1988: Akiva M. Yaglom
1987: J. Trevor Stuart
1986: Milton Van Dyke
1985: Hans W. Liepmann
1984: Sir James Lighthill
1983: John W. Miles
1982: Peter Wegener
1981: H. W. Emmons
1980: R. Byron Bird
1979: Stanley Corrsin
1978: Cecil E. Leith, Jr.
1977: Y. C. Fung
1976: George F. Carrier
1975: Russell J. Donnelly
1974: J. M. Burgers
1973: Chia C. Lin
1972: Richard G. Fowler

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