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Panofsky Prize

The Panofsky Prize is an annual $10,000 prize given to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in experimental particle physics, and is open to scientists of any nation. It was established in 1985 by friends of Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky, a professor emeritus at Stanford University and by the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society.


2011: Doug Bryman, Laurence Littenberg, Stew Smith
2010: Eugene Beier
2009: Aldo Menzione, Luciano Ristori
2008: George Cassiday, Pierre Sokolsky
2007: Bruce Winstein, Heinrich Wahl, Italo Mannelli
2006: John Jaros, Nigel Lockyer, William T. Ford
2005: Piermaria J. Oddone
2004: Arie Bodek
2003: William J. Willis
2002: Masatoshi Koshiba, Takaaki Kajita, Yoji Totsuka
2001: Paul Grannis
2000: Martin Breidenbach
1999: Edward H. Thorndike
1998: David Robert Nygren
1997: Henning Schröder, Yuri Mikhailovich Zaitsev
1996: Gail G. Hanson, Roy Frederick Schwitters
1995: Frank J. Sciulli
1994: Thomas J. Devlin, Lee G. Pondrom
1993: Robert B. Palmer, Nicholas P. Samios, Ralph P. Shutt
1992: Raymond Davis, Jr. and Frederick Reines
1991: Gerson Goldhaber and Francois Pierre[1]
1990: Michael S. Witherell
1989: Henry W. Kendall, Richard E. Taylor, Jerome I. Friedman
1988: Charles Y. Prescott


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