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Rayleigh Medal

The Rayleigh Medal is a prize awarded annually by the Institute of Acoustics for "outstanding contributions to acoustics". The prize is named after John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh.
List of recipients

This list is incomplete

1970 David E. Weston
1975 P H Parkin
1977 L M Brekhovskikh
1978 E G S Paige
1979 E A G Shaw
1980 Philip E. Doak
1981 Karl Uno Ingard
1982 G B Warburton
1983 E J Skudrzyk
1984 John Ffowcs Williams
1985 Peter Westervelt
1986 E J Richards
1987 Manfred R. Schroeder
1988 David Crighton
1989 H E von Gierle
1990 Frank Fahy[1]
1991 Manfred Heckl
1992 James Lighthill
1993 M Bruneau
1994 E F Evans
1995 Richard H. Lyon
1996 Keith Attenborough
1997 L Bjorno
1998 W A Ainsworth
1999 G C Maling
2000 Victor Krylov
2001 H Tachibana
2002 Philip Nelson
2003 Hugo Fastl
2004 A Cummings
2005 H Kuttruff
2006 M F E Barron
2007 Michael Howe
2008 C H Harrison
2009 Prof Colin Hansen

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