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Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (for short, Ioffe Institute) is one of Russia's largest research centers specialized in physics and technology. The institute was established in 1918 in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) and run for several decades by Abram Fedorovich Ioffe. The Institute is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Foundation of the institute

The date of establishment of the Institute is September 23, 1918 - the day of signing the decree on the establishment of the physical and technical department of the State Radiological and Radiological Institute. Since the foundation of the institute, the radium department has been working, one of the organizers of which was LV Mysovskiy.

In 1922 the departments received the status of separate scientific institutes. One of the tasks of the Radium Institute was the investigation of radioactive elements, primarily radium. VI Vernadsky became the director of the Radium Institute, VG Khlopin became his deputy; LV Mysovskiy headed the physical department of the Institute. [2]

On the basis of the Physico-Technical Department, headed by AF Ioffe, the State Physicotechnical Radiology Institute was established.

The building at Polytechnic Street, 26, was built in Neoclassicism style in 1912-1916 by the architect GD Grimm for "a refuge for the elderly needy hereditary noblemen in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs' house" at the forty-prized ones, on the second floor they arranged Church (now the Small Assembly Hall of the Institute). [3] Funds for the construction of the building were allocated by the gubernia Noble Assembly.

In 1920 the building was adapted to the institute by the design of civil engineers PI Sidorov and Yu. V. Bilinsky. The ceremonial transfer of the building to the Institute took place on February 4, 1923. The corner left (from the side of the Polytechnic Street) part of the building (two floors) until 1953 was the apartment of AF Ioffe. [4]

In the years 1927-1928. They built a yard part. In 1970 the building was partially rebuilt and expanded along Kurchatov Street.

In front of the main facade are the busts of Abram Ioffe (sculptor GD Glickman, 1964) and Boris Konstantinov (sculptor Mikhail Anikushin, 1975). On either side of the main entrance are memorial plaques: to the left of the entrance are Yulii Borisovich KharitonSN Zhurkov, Yulii Borisovich Khariton, Anatoly Alexandrov, Yakov Frenkel, and V. M. Tuchkevich (ru); Right of the entrance - Igor Kurchatov, BP Konstantinov, Nikolay Semyonov.
Directors of the Institute

Before 1950 - Abram Ioffe

1950-1957 - AP Komar
1957-1967 - Boris Konstantinov
1967-1987 - VM Tuchkevich
1987-2003 - Zhores Alferov
Since 2003 - A. G. Zabrodsky

Subdivisions of the Institute

The institute has the following divisions:

Center for Nano-Heterostructure Physics
Solid State Electronics
Solid State Physics
Plasma Physics, Atomic Physics and Astrophysics
Physics of Dielectrics and Semiconductors

Some notable people associated with the Institute

Hasan Abdullayev
Anatoly Alexandrov
Zhores Alferov
Artem Alikhanian
Abraham Alikhanov
Arkady Aronov
Lev Artsimovich
Matvei Bronstein
Yuri Denisyuk
Edward Drobyshevski
Alexei L. Efros
Oleg Firsov
Georgy Flyorov
Yakov Frenkel
Andrei Fursenko
George Gamow
Vladimir Gribov
Evgeni Gross
Abram Ioffe
Pyotr Kapitsa
Yulii Khariton
Yury Kovalchuk
Igor Kurchatov
Georgii Kurdyumov
Lev Landau
Vladimir Lobashev
Nikolay Semyonov
Lev Shubnikov
Dmitri Skobeltsyn
Yuri Trushin

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