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Computational Science & Discovery

Computational Science & Discovery (CSD) is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal focused on scientific advances and discovery through computational science in physics, chemistry, biology and applied science. It includes specific details of the enabling technologies used—for example, in data management, networking and visualization—that make the scientific advances possible.

The editor-in-chief is Anthony Mezzacappa at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA.

All papers are freely accessible at the journal web site.

Computational Science & Discovery

Abbreviated title CSD

Discipline Multidisciplinary

Language English

Edited by Anthony Mezzacappa

Publication details

Publisher IOP Publishing (UK)

Frequency Electronic only

Open access All papers are freely accessible


ISSN 1749-4680 (print)

1749-4699 (web)


* Computational Science & Discovery website

* IOP Publishing Electronic Journals

* Institute of Physics

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