Physica B

Physica B is a peer-reviewed condensed matter physics journal published by Elsevier, a division of the international publisher Reed Elsevier. Physica B publishes research (both theoretical and experimental) articles in all branches of solid state and low temperature physics. Some conference proceedings are also published as special volumes of Physica B. The 2006 impact factor was 0.872.[1]

Physica B is one of the five sections of the Dutch physics journal Physica (the other sections being Physica A, Physica C, Physica D and Physica E). From its foundation in 1934 until 1974, Physica was published in Utrecht as a single section. Sections A, B and C appeared in 1975, section D in 1980 and section E in 1998. As of 2007, Physica is printed in Amsterdam.

Some highly cited articles from Physica B include:[2]

* Kusters R M, Singleton J, Keen D A, McGreevy R, Hayes W. Magnetoresistance measurements on the magnetic semiconductor Nd0.5Pb0.5MnO3. Physica B, 155, 362–365 (1989)

* Rossat-Mignod J, Regnault L P, Vettier C, Burlet P, Henry J Y, Lapertot G. Investigation of the spin dynamics in YBa sub(2)Cu sub(3)O sub(6+x) by inelastic neutron scattering. Physica B 169, 58–65 (1991)

* Ajiki H, Ando T. Aharonov-Bohm effect in carbon nanotubes. Physica B 201, 349–352 (1994)


1. ^ Elsevier: Physica B: Condensed Matter (accessed 16 September 2007)

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Physica B

Discipline condensed matter physics

Language English

Publication details

Publisher Elsevier (Netherlands)

Publication history Split from Physica in 1975

Frequency 24 per year

Impact factor 0.872 (2006)


ISSN 0921-4526


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