DGLAP (Dokshitzer–Gribov–Lipatov–Altarelli–Parisi) are the authors who first wrote the QCD evolution equation of the same name. DGLAP was first published in the western world by Altarelli and Parisi in 1977,[1] hence DGLAP and its specialisations are sometimes still called Altarelli–Parisi equations. Only later did it become known that an equivalent formula had been published in Russia by Dokshitzer also in 1977[2] and Gribov and Lipatov already in 1972.[3]

The DGLAP QCD evolution equations are widely used in global determinations of parton distributions, like those from the CTEQ or NNPDF collaborations.
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Guido Altarelli (2009) QCD evolution equations for parton densities. Scholarpedia, 4(1):7124.

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