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Barrage jamming

Barrage jamming: jamming accomplished by transmitting a band of frequencies that is large with respect to the bandwidth of a single emitter. Barrage jamming may be accomplished by presetting multiple jammers on adjacent frequencies, by using a single wideband transmitter, or by using a transmitter capable of frequency sweep fast enough to appear radiating simultaneously over wide band (e.g. a carcinotron). Barrage jamming makes it possible to jam emitters on different frequencies simultaneously and reduces the need for operator assistance or complex control equipment. These advantages are gained at the expense of reduced jamming power at any given frequency. Barrage jamming has to be used against frequency-agile radars, which change frequencies too quickly to follow them in a conventional way. The use of Barrage jamming may also affect the communications capability of the jamming source in a negative fashion.

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C

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