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OrCAD Capture CIS is a software tool used for circuit schematic capture. It is part of the OrCAD circuit design suite.

Capture CIS is nearly identical to the similar OrCAD tool, Capture. The difference between the two tools comes in the addition of the component information system (CIS). The CIS links component information, such as printed circuit board package footprint data or simulation behavior data, with the circuit symbol in the schematic. When exported to other tools in the OrCAD design suite, the data stored in the CIS is also transferred to the other tool. Thus, when a design engineer exports a schematic to the circuit board layout utility, the majority of the circuit elements have footprints linked to them. This saves time for the design engineer.

Capture CIS has the ability to export netlists, representative of the circuit schematic which is currently open, to the OrCAD simulation utility, PSPICE. Capture CIS also exports a simulation configuration file, accessible through the simulation toolbar. This, coupled with the CIS, allows for quick simulations with data representative of how the circuit will behave. Capture may also export a netlist to the SPICE simulation utility.

Capture may export a hardware description of the circuit schematic that is currently open, either in Verilog or VHDL.

Capture also has the ability to export netlists to several different circuit board layout utilities, such as OrCAD Layout, Allegro, and others. When combined with the CIS, circuit board footprints are linked to this netlist. This, combined with the pin to pin interconnect description of the netlist, will open the correct part footprints, and, if the CIS data that CIS exported is correct, will connect all of the pads together with representative lines. This feature makes the circuit board design process easier for the design engineer.

Capture CIS Option

Capture CIS option is a part of Capture CIS that can interface with any database which complies with Microsoft's ODBC standard. Data in an MRP, ERP, or PDM system can be directly accessed for use during component decision-making process.

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OrCAD Capture CIS product page at Cadence website.

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