Space technology – technology developed by space science or the aerospace industry for use in spaceflight, satellites, or space exploration. Space technology includes spacecraft, satellites, space stations, and support infrastructure, equipment, and procedures. Space is such a novel environment that attempting to work in it requires new tools and techniques. Many common everyday services such as weather forecasting, remote sensing, GPS systems, satellite television, and some long distance communications systems critically rely on space infrastructure. Of the sciences, astronomy and Earth science (via remote sensing) benefit from space technology. New technologies originating with or accelerated by space-related endeavors are often subsequently exploited in other economic activities.

Space technologies
Satellite technology



Types of satellites
Communications satellite
Direct-broadcast satellite
Earth observation satellite
Geosynchronous satellite
Military satellite
Reconnaissance satellite
Navigation satellite
Telecommunications satellite
Tracking and data relay satellite
Weather satellite
Specific satellites
List of Earth observation satellites
List of satellites in geosynchronous orbit
List of satellites which have provided data on Earth's magnetosphere
Satellite orbit
Artificial satellites in retrograde orbit
Satellite-based services
Satellite navigation
Satellite radio
Satellite television

Space exploration technology

Aerobot (Planetary probe suspended in atmosphere)
Lunar rover
Mars rover
Manned space mission

Space flight technology

Ablative heat shield
Booster (rocketry)
Reusable launch system—the Space Shuttle and X-37 are partially reusable spaceplanes; SpaceX is currently developing a set of reusable technologies to support booster reuse and second-stage reuse.[2]

History of space technology

History of satellite technology
Timeline of artificial satellites and space probes
Timeline of Earth science satellites

Future space technologies

Asteroid mining technology
Space-based solar power
Non-rocket spacelaunch
Space manufacturing technology

See also
Portal icon Spaceflight portal

Outline of space exploration
Outline of space science



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