Anthericum liliago

Anthericum liliago, Photo: Michael Lahanas

Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Liliopsida
Subclassis: Liliidae
Ordo: Asparagales
Familia: Agavaceae
Genus: Anthericum
Species: Anthericum liliago
Subspecies: A. l. subsp. algeriense - A. l. subsp. liliago


Anthericum liliago L., Sp. Pl.: 310. 1753.


* Govaerts, R. (2006). World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2009 Mar 24 [1].

Vernacular names
Magyar: Fürtös homokliliom
Svenska: Stor sandlilja


Anthericum liliago (St Bernard's Lily) is a species of the genus Anthericum and family Agavaceae It is native to Europe and Turkey growing in dry pastures, stony places and open woods. Flowers in early summer.


The specific name liliago and means lily-like or lily-carrier.


Vigorous herbaceous perennial with tuberous roots, 60–90 cm (2.0–3.0 ft) high. Leaves narrowly linear, 12–40 cm (4.7–16 in). Raceme with 6-10 lily-like white flowers.


Best grown in well drained soil in a sunny position. It can be propagated by seed or by division of the rootstock every 3 to 4 years. Slow starter but forms large clumps with time. USDA Zone 6.

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