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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Bambusoideae
Tribus: Bambuseae
Subtribus: Arthrostylidiinae
Genus: Arthrostylidium
Species: A. angustifolium – A. auriculatum – A. banaoense – A. berryi – A. canaliculatum – A. chiribiquetense – A. chiribiquetensis – A. cubense – A. distichum – A. ecuadorense – A. ekmanii – A. excelsum – A. farctum – A. fimbriatum – A. fimbrinodum – A. grandifolium – A. haitiense – A. judziewiczii – A. merostachyoides – A. multispicatum – A. obtusatum – A. pubescens – A. punctulatum – A. reflexum – A. sarmentosum – A. scandens – A. schomburgkii – A. simpliciusculum – A. urbanii – A. venezuelae – A. virolinense – A. youngianum

Arthrostylidium Rupr., Bambuseae 27. (1839) also in Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg, Sér. 6, Sci. Math., Seconde Pt. Sci. Nat. 3(2): 117 (1840)

Type species: Arthrostylidium cubense Rupr., Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg, Sér. 6, Sci. Math., Seconde Pt. Sci. Nat. 3(2): 118 (1840)


Ruprecht, F.J. (1839) Bambuseae 27.
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Arthrostylidium is a Neotropical genus of climbing bamboo in the grass family.[2][3][4] the species are native to Central America, the West Indies, northern South America, and southern Mexico.[5]


Arthrostylidium angustifolium
Arthrostylidium auriculatum
Arthrostylidium banaoense
Arthrostylidium berryi
Arthrostylidium canaliculatum
Arthrostylidium chiribiquetense
Arthrostylidium cubense
Arthrostylidium distichum
Arthrostylidium ecuadorense
Arthrostylidium ekmanii
Arthrostylidium excelsum
Arthrostylidium farctum
Arthrostylidium fimbriatum
Arthrostylidium fimbrinodum
Arthrostylidium grandifolium
Arthrostylidium haitiense
Arthrostylidium judziewiczii
Arthrostylidium longiflorum
Arthrostylidium merostachyoides
Arthrostylidium multispicatum
Arthrostylidium obtusatum
Arthrostylidium pubescens
Arthrostylidium punctulatum
Arthrostylidium reflexum
Arthrostylidium sarmentosum
Arthrostylidium scandens
Arthrostylidium schomburgkii
Arthrostylidium simpliciusculum
Arthrostylidium urbanii
Arthrostylidium venezuelae
Arthrostylidium virolinense
Arthrostylidium youngianum

Formerly included[6]

see Ampelocalamus Aulonemia Colanthelia Chusquea Didymogonyx Guadua Rhipidocladum

Arthrostylidium ampliflorum - Rhipidocladum ampliflorum
Arthrostylidium amplissimum - Aulonemia amplissima
Arthrostylidium angustiflorum - Rhipidocladum angustiflorum
Arthrostylidium burchellii - Colanthelia burchellii
Arthrostylidium effusum - Aulonemia effusa
Arthrostylidium geminatum - Didymogonyx geminatum
Arthrostylidium haenkei - Aulonemia haenkei
Arthrostylidium harmonicum - Rhipidocladum harmonicum
Arthrostylidium leptophyllum - Chusquea leptophylla
Arthrostylidium longifolium - Guadua longifolia
Arthrostylidium maculatum - Aulonemia parviflora
Arthrostylidium maxonii - Rhipidocladum maxonii
Arthrostylidium naibunense - Ampelocalamus naibunensis
Arthrostylidium pittieri - Rhipidocladum pittieri
Arthrostylidium prestoei - Rhipidocladum prestoei
Arthrostylidium purpuratum - Aulonemia purpurata
Arthrostylidium queko - Aulonemia queko
Arthrostylidium racemiflorum - Rhipidocladum racemiflorum
Arthrostylidium spinosum - Guadua longifolia
Arthrostylidium steyermarkii - Aulonemia deflexa
Arthrostylidium subpectinatum - Aulonemia subpectinata
Arthrostylidium trinii - Rhipidocladum parviflorum

See also

List of Poaceae genera


lectotype designated by Hitchcock, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 24: 307 (1927)
Ruprecht, Franz Josef. 1839. Bambuseae 27.
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Tropicos, Arthrostylidium Rupr.
Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families

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