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Ferocactus echidne

Ferocactus echidne (*)

Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Ordo: Caryophyllales

Familia: Cactaceae
Subfamilia: Cactoideae
Tribus: Cacteae
Genus: Ferocactus
Sectio: F. sect. Bisnaga
Species: Ferocactus echidne

Ferocactus echidne (DC.) Britton & Rose

Echinocactus dolichacanthus Lem.
Echinocactus dolichacanthus var. minor Lem.
Echinocactus echidne DC.
Echinocactus echidne f. gilvus (A.Dietr.) K.Schum.
Echinocactus echidne var. gilvus (A.Dietr.) Salm-Dyck
Echinocactus gilvus A.Dietr.
Echinocactus rafaelensis J.A.Purpus
Echinocactus vanderaeyi Lem.
Echinocactus victoriensis Rose
Echinofossulocactus echidne (DC.) Lawr.
Echinofossulocactus vanderaeyi (Lem.) Lawr.
Ferocactus echidne var. rhodanthus G.Unger
Ferocactus echidne var. victoriensis (Rose) G.E.Linds.
Ferocactus rafaelensis (J.A.Purpus) Borg
Ferocactus victoriensis (Rose) Backeb.
Parrycactus echidne (DC.) Doweld

Native distribution areas:

Continental: Northern America
Regional: Mexico
Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast

References: Brummitt, R.K. 2001. TDWG – World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, 2nd Edition
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Vernacular names
English: Sonora barrel

Ferocactus echidne is a barrel cactus in the genus Ferocactus. It is found in nature in Mexico. This cactus is known commonly as Sonora barrel, Coville's barrel cactus, Emory's barrel cactus, and traveler's friend.

Alternatively it has been assigned the binomials Echinocactus emoryi, Ferocactus rectispinus, and Ferocactus covillei.

This plant is often sold as a houseplant.

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