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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Liliopsida
Subclassis: Liliidae
Ordo: Liliales
Familia: Liliaceae
Subfamilia: Lilioideae
Genus: Gagea
Species: G. caelestis - G. calantha - G. chlorantha - G. dschungarica - G. fistulosa - G. germainae - G. lutea - G. minima - G. pauciflora - G. pedata - G. popovii - G. pratensis - G. pusilla - G. reticulata - G. taurica - G. ugamica - G. villosa - G. vvedenskyi


Gagea Salisb.

Gagea is a large genus of spring flowers in the Liliaceae found in Europe and western Asia. It is named after the English naturalist Sir Thomas Gage. They were originally described as species of Ornithogalum, which, together with the usual yellow colour of the flowers, explains the English name Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem for the most common species in Europe, Gagea lutea, which grows in damp deciduous woodland.

Selected species

Gagea bohemica (Zauschn.) Schult. & Schult.f. - Early Star-of-Bethlehem, Radnor Lily
Gagea caelestis Levichev
Gagea calantha Levichev
Gagea chlorantha (M.Bieb.) Schult. & Schult.f.
Gagea dschungarica Regel
Gagea fistulosa Ker Gawl.
Gagea germainae Grossh.
Gagea graeca (L.) Irmsch.
Gagea lutea (L.) Ker Gawl. - Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem
Gagea minima (L.) Ker Gawl.
Gagea pedata Levichev
Gagea popovii Vved.
Gagea pratensis (Pers.) Dumort. - Meadow Gagea
Gagea pusilla (F.W.Schmidt) Schult. & Schult.f.
Gagea reticulata (Pall.) Schult. & Schult.f.
Gagea taurica Steven
Gagea ugamica Pavlov
Gagea villosa (M.Bieb.) Duby - Field Gagea
Gagea vvedenskyi Grossh.

List source :[1]


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