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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Panicoideae
Tribus: Andropogoneae
Subtribus: Andropogoninae
Genus: Hyparrhenia
Species: H. anamesa – H. andongensis – H. anemopaegma – H. anthistirioides – H. arrhenobasis – H. bagirmica – H. barteri – H. bracteata – H. claytonii – H. coleotricha – H. collina – H. confinis – H. coriacea – H. cyanescens – H. cymbaria – H. dichroa – H. diplandra – H. dregeana – H. dybowskii – H. exarmata – H. familiaris – H. figariana – H. filipendula – H. finitima – H. formosa – H. gazensis – H. glabriuscula – H. gossweileri – H. griffithii – H. hirta – H. involucrata – H. madaropoda – H. mobukensis – H. multiplex – H. neglecta – H. newtonii – H. niariensis – H. nyassae – H. papillipes – H. pilgeriana – H. pilosa – H. poecilotricha – H. praetermissa – H. quarrei – H. rudis – H. rufa – H. schimperi – H. subplumosa – H. tamba – H. tuberculata – H. umbrosa – H. variabilis – H. violascens – H. welwitschii – H. wombaliensis

Hyparrhenia Andersson ex E.Fourn., Mexic. Pl. 2: 51, 67 (1886)
Type species: Hyparrhenia bracteata (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Stapf in D.Oliver & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Trop. Afr. 9: 360 (1918)


Dybowskia Stapf in D.Oliver & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Trop. Afr. 9: 382 (1918)


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Vernacular names
suomi: Partaheinät

Hyparrhenia is a genus of grasses.[3][4] Many species are known commonly as thatching grass.[5][6][7][8]

They are mostly native to tropical Africa; some can be found in warmer areas in temperate Eurasia, Australia, and Latin America. These are annual and perennial bunch grasses. The inflorescence branches into twin spikes of paired spikelets.[9][10][11]


Hyparrhenia anamesa - dry Africa from Ethiopia to Cape Province
Hyparrhenia andongensis - Angola
Hyparrhenia anemopaegma - Zambia
Hyparrhenia anthistirioides - dry Africa from Eritrea to Malawi
Hyparrhenia arrhenobasis - Ethiopia
Hyparrhenia bagirmica - West Africa
Hyparrhenia barteri - from Burkina Faso to Malawi
Hyparrhenia bracteata - Africa (from Mali to Zimbabwe), Thailand, Vietnam, New Guinea, Latin America (from Veracruz to Paraná)
Hyparrhenia claytonii - Ethiopia
Hyparrhenia coleotricha - Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Yemen
Hyparrhenia collina - dry Africa from Nigeria to Ethiopia to KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia confinis - tropical Africa from Zaïre to Ethiopia
Hyparrhenia coriacea - Central African Rep
Hyparrhenia cyanescens from Gambia to Zaïre
Hyparrhenia cymbaria - Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, India
Hyparrhenia dichroa - from Djibouti to KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia diplandra - tropical Africa, southern China, Thailand, Vietnam, Sulawesi
Hyparrhenia dregeana - from Yemen + Eritrea to Swaziland
Hyparrhenia dybowskii - Zaïre, Central African Rep
Hyparrhenia exarmata - from Mali to Kenya
Hyparrhenia familiaris - from Guinea to Angola
Hyparrhenia figariana - from Nigeria to Tanzania
Hyparrhenia filipendula - from Guinea to KwaZulu-Natal; Madagascar, Yunnan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, New Guinea, Queensland, New South Wales
Hyparrhenia finitima - from Sierra Leone to Mpumalanga
Hyparrhenia formosa - from Ethiopia + Yemen to Malawi
Hyparrhenia gazensis - from Uganda to KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia glabriuscula - tropical Africa
Hyparrhenia gossweileri - Zaïre, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia
Hyparrhenia griffithii - Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Madagascar, Yunnan, Assam, Myanmar, Vietnam
Hyparrhenia hirta - Africa, southern Europe, southwest Asia from France to Cape Province to Pakistan; naturalized in scattered sites in Australia, North + South America
Hyparrhenia involucrata - from Burkina Faso to Congo Rep
Hyparrhenia madaropoda - from South Sudan to Mozambique
Hyparrhenia mobukensis - from Ethiopia to Malawi
Hyparrhenia multiplex - Ethiopia + Sudan
Hyparrhenia neglecta - Ethiopia
Hyparrhenia newtonii - Africa (from Guinea to Swaziland), Madagascar, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea
Hyparrhenia niariensis - from Cameroon to Zambia
Hyparrhenia nyassae - tropical Africa, Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam
Hyparrhenia papillipes - Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Yemen, Tanzania, Madagascar
Hyparrhenia pilgeriana - from Ethiopia to KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia pilosa - Central African Rep
Hyparrhenia poecilotricha - from Guinea to KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia praetermissa - Sulawesi
Hyparrhenia quarrei - from Yemen to Nigeria + KwaZulu-Natal
Hyparrhenia rudis - tropical Africa, Madagascar
Hyparrhenia rufa - tropical - southern Africa; Yunnan, Myanmar, Thailand; naturalized in Florida, Texas, Latin America (from Chihuahua to Paraguay); various islands in Caribbean, Pacific, Indian Ocean
Hyparrhenia schimperi - from Ethiopia to Cape Province; Madagascar
Hyparrhenia smithiana - from Guinea to Congo Rep
Hyparrhenia subplumosa - from Guinea to Zimbabwe
Hyparrhenia tamba - from Eritrea to Lesotho
Hyparrhenia tuberculata - Ethiopia
Hyparrhenia umbrosa - from Nigeria to KwaZulu-Natal; Comoros
Hyparrhenia variabilis - from Yemen + Eritrea to KwaZulu-Natal; Comoros, Madagascar
Hyparrhenia violascens - Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon
Hyparrhenia welwitschii - from Guinea to Zimbabwe; Comoros
Hyparrhenia wombaliensis - Cameroon, Congo Rep, Zaïre

formerly included[2]

see Andropogon Elymandra Exotheca Hyperthelia Parahyparrhenia

Hyparrhenia abyssinica - Exotheca abyssinica
Hyparrhenia archaelymandra - Elymandra archaelymandra
Hyparrhenia baddadae - Elymandra grallata
Hyparrhenia cornucopiae - Hyperthelia cornucopiae
Hyparrhenia dissoluta - Hyperthelia dissoluta
Hyparrhenia djalonica - Parahyparrhenia annua
Hyparrhenia edulis - Hyperthelia edulis
Hyparrhenia eylesii - Elymandra grallata
Hyparrhenia grallata - Elymandra grallata
Hyparrhenia jaegeriana - Parahyparrhenia annua
Hyparrhenia lithophila - Elymandra lithophila
Hyparrhenia macrolepis - Hyperthelia dissoluta
Hyparrhenia monathera - Exotheca abyssinica
Hyparrhenia pusilla - Andropogon pusillus
Hyparrhenia sulcata - Parahyparrhenia annua


lectotype designated by Clayton, Kew Bull., Add. Ser. 2: 38 (1969)
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