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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Panicoideae
Tribus: Andropogoneae
Subtribus: Anthistiriinae
Genus: Themeda
Sectiones: T. sect. Primothemedae – T. sect. Themeda

Species: T. anathera – T. arguens – T. arundinacea – T. avenacea – T. caudata – T. cymbaria – T. gigantea – T. helferi – T. hookeri – T. huttonensis – T. idjenensis – T. intermedia – T. laxa – T. minor – T. mooneyi – T. novoguineensis – T. pseudotremula – T. quadrivalvis – T. sabarimalayana – T. saxicola – T. tremula – T. triandra – T. trichiata – T. unica – T. villosa – T. yunnanensis

Themeda Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab.: 178 (1775)
Type species: Themeda triandra Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab.: 178 (1775)


Anthistiria L.f., Nov. Gram. Gen.: 35 (1779)
Perobachne J.Presl in C.B.Presl, Reliq. Haenk. 1: 348 (1830)
Androscepia Brongn. in L.I.Duperrey, Voy. Monde, Phan.: 77 (1831)
Aristaria Jungh., Tijdschr. Natuurl. Gesch. Physiol. 7: 296 (1840)
Heterelytron Jungh., Tijdschr. Natuurl. Gesch. Physiol. 7: 294 (1840)


Forsskål, P. (†). 1775. Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica. Sive descriptiones plantarum, quas per Aegyptum inferiorem et Arabiam felicem detexit, illustravit Petrus Forskål. Post mortem auctoris edidit Carsten Niebuhr. Ex officina Mölleri, Hauniae [Copenhagen]. DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.41 BHL Reference page. : 178.
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Vernacular names
English: Kangaroo Grass

Themeda is a genus of plants in the grass family native to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Papuasia. There are about 18[2] to 26[3] species, many of which are native to Southeast Asia.[2][4]


Themeda anathera (Nees ex Steud.) Hack. - Afghanistan, Himalayas, Tibet
Themeda arguens (L.) Hack. - Christmas grass - Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Papuasia, northern Australia
Themeda arundinacea (Roxb.) A.Camus - Indochina, southern China, Indian Subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia
Themeda avenacea (F. Muell.) Maiden & Betche - oat kangaroo grass - Australia
Themeda caudata (Nees ex Hook. & Arn.) A.Camus - Indochina, southern China, Himalayas, Malaysia,, Indonesia, Philippines
Themeda cymbaria Hack. - Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Kerala
Themeda gigantea (Cav.) Hack. - Southeast Asia, Papuasia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu
Themeda helferi Hack. - Myanmar, Andaman Islands, Yunnan
Themeda hookeri (Griseb.) A.Camus - Tibet, Yunnan, eastern Himalayas
Themeda huttonensis Bor - Assam
Themeda idjensis Jansen - Java Timur, Bali
Themeda intermedia (Hack.) Bor - Southeast Asia, China, Indian Subcontinent, Papuasia, Queensland, Vanuatu
Themeda laxa (Andersson) A.Camus Indian Subcontinent
Themeda minor L.Liou - Tibet
Themeda mooneyi Bor - Odisha
Themeda novoguineensis (Reeder) Jansen - Papua New Guinea, Lesser Sunda Islands
Themeda palakkadensis Chorghe, Prasad & Lakshminarasimhan - Kerala[7]
Themeda pseudotremula Potdar et al. - Maharashtra
Themeda quadrivalvis- grader grass (L.) Kuntze - Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar, Andaman Islands; naturalized in Socotra, South Africa, eastern Indochina, Papuasia, Queensland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, various islands (Indian and Pacific Oceans, West Indies)
Themeda sabarimalayana Sreek. & V.J.Nair - India
Themeda saxicola Bor - Odisha
Themeda strigosa (Ham. ex Hook.f.) A.Camus - India, Bangladesh
Themeda tremula (Nees ex Steud.) Hack. - India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Themeda triandra Forssk.- kangaroo grass, red grass, rooigras - Africa (from Morocco to KwaZulu-Natal), Asia (from Yemen to Japan to Maluku), Australia, New Guinea
Themeda trichiata S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan
Themeda unica S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Anhui, Zhejiang
Themeda villosa (Poir.) A.Camus - silky kangaroo grass, Lyon's grass - China, Indian Subcontinent, Indochina, Philippines,, Indonesia, New Guinea
Themeda yunnanensis S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Yunnan

Formerly included[1]
See Elymandra, Germainia, Hyparrhenia, Iseilema

Themeda capitata - Germainia capitata
Themeda capitata var. thorelii - Germainia thorelii
Themeda effusa - Hyparrhenia familiaris
Themeda foliosa - Hyparrhenia bracteata
Themeda gossweileri - Elymandra gossweileri
Themeda prostrata - Iseilema prostratum

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