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Cladus: Eukaryota
Supergroup: Opisthokonta
Regnum: Fungi
Divisio: Ascomycota
Subdivisio: Pezizomycotina
Classis: Lecanoromycetes
Subclassis: Lecanoromycetidae
Ordo: Lecanorales
Familia: Ophioparmaceae
Genus: Ophioparma
Species: O. araucariae - O. handelii - O. herrei - O. junipericola - O. lapponica - O. pseudohandelii - O. rubricosa - O. ventosa


Ophioparma Norman, 1853

Type: Ophioparma ventosa (L.) Norman, 1853


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Vernacular names
English: Bloodspot lichens, Ophioparma lichens

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