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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Ordo: Caryophyllales

Familia: Caryophyllaceae
Tribus: Caryophylleae
Genus: Acanthophyllum
Species: A. acerosum – A. aculeatum – A. adenophorum – A. afghanicum – A. albidum – A. allochrusoides – A. andarabicum – A. andersenii – A. aphananthum – A. bilobum – A. borsczowii – A. bracteatum – A. brevibracteatum – A. bungei – A. caespitosum – A. cerastioides – A. chloroleucum – A. coloratum – A. crassifolium – A. crassinodum – A. cyrtostegium – A. diaphanopterum – A. diezianum – A. eglandulosum – A. ejtehadii – A. ekbergii – A. elatius – A. flavum – A. glandulosum – A. grandiflorum – A. gypsophiloides – A. heratense – A. herniarioides – A. heterophyllum – A. honigbergeri – A. kabulicum – A. khuzistanicum – A. korolkowii – A. korshinskyi – A. krascheninnikovii – A. kurdicum – A. lamondiae – A. laxiflorum – A. laxiusculum – A. leucostegium – A. lilacinum – A. lindbergii – A. longicalyx – A. luteum – A. maimanense – A. makranicum – A. microcephalum – A. mikeschinianum – A. mucronatum – A. myrianthum – A. oppositiflorum – A. pachystegium – A. paniculatum – A. persicum – A. pleiostegium – A. pulcherrimum – A. pulchrum – A. pungens – A. raphiophyllum – A. sarawschanicum – A. scapiflorum – A. schugnanicum – A. sedifolium – A. sordidum – A. speciosum – A. spinosum – A. squarrosum – A. stenocalycinum – A. stenostegium – A. stewartii – A. stocksianum – A. subglabrum – A. tadshikistanicum – A. takhtajanii – A. tenuifolium – A. transhyrcanum – A. versicolor – A. verticillatum – A. xanthoporphyranthum – A. yasamin-nassehiae

Acanthophyllum C.A.Mey. Verz. Pfl. Casp. Meer. (C.A. von Meyer). 210 (1831)

Type species: Acanthophyllum mucronatum C.A.Mey. Verz. Pfl. Casp. Meer. (C.A. von Meyer). 210. (1831)


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Kabulianthe (Rech.f.) Ikonn., Bot. Zhurn. (Moscow & Leningrad) 89(1): 114. (2004)


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Acanthophyllum is a genus of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae with about 75 species, spread in the Irano-Turanian area.[1]

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Small, shrubby perennial plants with spiny leaves. Flowers white or pink, sessile in solitary or globose heads. Spiny bracts. Calyx cylindrical, with 5 teeth. Petals 5, entire or retuse. Stamens 20. Capsule ovoid, irregularly dehiscent from base. Reniform seeds.[2]

The genus was described by Carl Anton von Meyer and published in Verzeichness der Pflanzen des Caspischen Meeres 210, 1831.[2] The type species is Acanthophyllum mucronatum C.A.Mey.
Acanthophyllum Bikh in Iran

As of October 2019, Plants of the World Online accepted the following species:[3]

Acanthophyllum acerosum Sosn.
Acanthophyllum aculeatum Schischk.
Acanthophyllum adenophorum Freyn
Acanthophyllum allochrusoides (Gilli) Pirani
Acanthophyllum andarabicum Podlech ex Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum andersenii Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum anisocladum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum aphananthum Rech.f.
Acanthophyllum bilobum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum bracteatum Boiss.
Acanthophyllum brevibracteatum Lipsky
Acanthophyllum bungei (Boiss.) Trautv.
Acanthophyllum caespitosum Boiss.
Acanthophyllum cerastioides (D.Don) Madhani & Zarre
Acanthophyllum coloratum (Preobr.) Schischk.
Acanthophyllum crassifolium Boiss.
Acanthophyllum cyrtostegium Vved.
Acanthophyllum diezianum Hand.-Mazz.
Acanthophyllum eglandulosum (Hedge & Wendelbo) Pirani
Acanthophyllum ejtehadii Mahmoudi & Vaezi
Acanthophyllum elatius Bunge
Acanthophyllum fissicalyx Rech.f.
Acanthophyllum glandulosum Bunge ex Boiss.
Acanthophyllum gracile Bunge ex Boiss.
Acanthophyllum grandiflorum Stocks
Acanthophyllum gypsophiloides Regel
Acanthophyllum herniarioides (Boiss.) Madhani & Zarre
Acanthophyllum honigbergeri (Fenzl) Barkoudah
Acanthophyllum kabulicum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum kandaharicum Gilli
Acanthophyllum knorringianum Schischk.
Acanthophyllum korolkowii Regel & Schmalh.
Acanthophyllum korshinskyi Schischk.
Acanthophyllum krascheninnikovii Schischk.
Acanthophyllum lamondiae Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum laxiflorum Boiss.
Acanthophyllum laxiusculum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum lilacinum Schischk.
Acanthophyllum longicalyx Hedge & Wendelbo
Acanthophyllum macrodon Edgew.
Acanthophyllum maimanense Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum mikeschinianum Yukhan. & Kuvaev
Acanthophyllum mucronatum C.A.Mey.
Acanthophyllum myrianthum (Rech.f.) Madhani & A.Pirani
Acanthophyllum oppositiflorum Aytaç
Acanthophyllum pachycephalum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum pachystegium Rech.f.
Acanthophyllum paniculatum Regel & Herder
Acanthophyllum persicum (Boiss.) A.Pirani & Rabeler
Acanthophyllum pleiostegium Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum popovii (Preobr.) Barkoudah
Acanthophyllum pulcherrimum Hedge & Wendelbo
Acanthophyllum pulchrum Schischk.
Acanthophyllum pungens (Bunge) Boiss.
Acanthophyllum raphiophyllum (Rech.f.) Barkoudah
Acanthophyllum recurvum Regel
Acanthophyllum scapiflorum (Akhtar) Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum schugnanicum (Preobr.) Schischk.
Acanthophyllum sedifolium (Kurz) Madhani & Zarre
Acanthophyllum sordidum Bunge ex Boiss.
Acanthophyllum speciosum Schiman-Czeika
Acanthophyllum spinosum (Desf.) C.A.Mey.
Acanthophyllum squarrosum Boiss.
Acanthophyllum stenostegium Freyn
Acanthophyllum stewartii (Thomson ex Edgew. & Hook.f.) Barkoudah
Acanthophyllum stocksianum Boiss.
Acanthophyllum subglabrum Schischk.
Acanthophyllum tadshikistanicum (Schischk.) Schischk.
Acanthophyllum takhtajanii (Gabrieljan & Dittrich) A.Pirani & Rabeler
Acanthophyllum versicolor Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
Acanthophyllum verticillatum C.A.Mey.
Acanthophyllum xanthoporphyranthum Hedge & Wendelbo
Acanthophyllum yasamin-nassehiae Joharchi & Pirani


Mahmoudi Shamsabad, M.; Vaezi, J.; Memariani, F. & Joharchi, M.R. (2012), "A new species and a new record of Acanthophyllum C.A.Mey. (Caryophyllaceae) from northeast of Iran", Iran. J. Bot., 18 (1)
"Acanthophyllum", Missouri Botanical Garden, retrieved 27 October 2013

"Acanthophyllum C.A.Mey.", Plants of the World Online, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, retrieved 2019-10-27


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