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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids I
Ordo: Malpighiales

Familia: Euphorbiaceae
Subfamilia: Euphorbioideae
Tribus: Hippomaneae
Subtribus: Hippomaninae
Genus: Actinostemon
Species: A. amazonicus – A. brachypodus – A. caribaeus – A. concepcionis – A. concolor – A. desertorum – A. echinatus – A. glaziovii – A. guyanensis – A. imbricatus – A. klotzschii – A. lagoensis – A. lasiocarpus – A. leptopus – A. macrocarpus – A. mandiocanus – A. roseliae – A. schomburgkii – A. sparsifolius – A. verticillatus

Actinostemon Mart. ex Klotzsch, Arch. Naturgesch. (Berlin) 7(1): 184. (1841)

Type species: Non designatus as Actinostemon grandifolius Klotzsch (1841) is probably a synonym of Actinostemon concolor (Spreng.) Müll.Arg. (1866), but this needs resolving.


Actinostema Lindl.
Dactylostemon Klotzsch


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Actinostemon is a plant genus of the family Euphorbiaceae first described as a genus in 1841.[2][3] It is native to South America, Central America, and the West Indies.[1][4][5][6]


Actinostemon amazonicus - Peru, S Venezuela, N Brazil
Actinostemon brachypodus - Pinar del Río, La Habana
Actinostemon caribaeus - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Lesser Antilles, Trinidad, N Venezuela
Actinostemon concepcionis - Paraguay, S Brazil, Corrientes
Actinostemon concolor - Paraguay, S Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Misiones
Actinostemon desertorum - S Brazil
Actinostemon echinatus - Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro
Actinostemon glaziovii - Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais
Actinostemon guyanensis - Guyana
Actinostemon imbricatus - NW Brazil
Actinostemon klotzschii - Brazil, Bolivia
Actinostemon lagoensis - S Brazil
Actinostemon lasiocarpus - E Brazil
Actinostemon leptopus - S Brazil
Actinostemon macrocarpus - S Brazil
Actinostemon mandiocanus - Rio de Janeiro
Actinostemon schomburgkii - Venezuela, 3 Guianas, N Brazil, Bolivia
Actinostemon sparsifolius - S Brazil
Actinostemon verticillatus - E Brazil

formerly included[1]

moved to other genera: Gymnanthes Sebastiania

A. anisandrus - Sebastiania brasiliensis
A. brasiliensis - Sebastiania brasiliensis
A. jamaicensis - Gymnanthes glandulosa
A. luquensis - Sebastiania brasiliensis
A. unciformis - Sebastiania klotzschiana


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