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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Caryophyllales
Familia: Cactaceae
Subfamilia: Cactoideae
Tribus: Cacteae
Genus: Astrophytum
Species: A. asterias - A. capricorne - A. myriostigma - A. ornatum


Astrophytum Lem.

Vernacular names
日本語: アストロフィツム属

Astrophytum is a genus of six species[2] of cacti. These species are sometimes referred to as living rocks, though the term is also used for other genera, particularly Lithops (Aizoaceae). The generic name is derived from the Greek words άστρον (astron), meaning "star," and φυτόν (phyton), meaning "plant."


Astrophytum asterias (Zucc.) Lem. – Sand Dollar Cactus, Sea Urchin Cactus, Star Peyote
Astrophytum capricorne (A.Dietr.) Britton & Rose – Goat's Horn Cactus
Astrophytum caput-medusae D.R.Hunt
Astrophytum coahuilense (Møller) K.Kayser
Astrophytum myriostigma Lem. – Bishop's Cap Cactus, Bishop's Hat, Bishop's Mitre Cactus
Astrophytum ornatum (DC.) Britton & Rose – Monk's Hood[2]

Seedlings of Astrophytum spp.


The genus has several synonyms:

Astrophyton Lawr., orth. var.
Digitostigma Velazco & Nevárez
Maierocactus E.C.Rost[1]

There are a number of species synonyms sometimes seen:

Name Synonym of
Astrophytum columnare Astrophytum myriostigma
Astrophytum crassispinoides Astrophytum capricorne var. crassispinoides
Astrophytum glabrescens Astrophytum ornatum
Astrophytum niveum Astrophytum capricorne var. niveum
Astrophytum nuda Astrophytum myriostigma var. nudum
Astrophytum prismaticum Astrophytum myriostigma
Astrophytum senile Astrophytum capricorne
Astrophytum tulense Astrophytum myriostigma


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