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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Panicoideae
Tribus: Paspaleae
Subtribus: Paspalinae
Genus: Axonopus
Sectiones: A. sect. Axonopus – A. sect. Senescentia

Series: A. ser. Axonopus
Species: A. amapaensis – A. anceps – A. andinus – A. appendiculatus – A. apricus – A. arcuatus – A. argentinus – A. arsenei – A. aureus – A. barbigerus – A. boliviensis – A. brasiliensis – A. bryoides – A. camargoanus – A. canescens – A. capillaris – A. carajasensis – A. casiquiarensis – A. caulescens – A. centralis – A. chaseae – A. chimantensis – A. chrysoblepharis – A. chrysostachyus – A. ciliatifolius – A. comans – A. comatus – A. complanatus – A. compressus – A. conduplicatus – A. cuatrecasasii – A. debilis – A. deludens – A. elegantulus – A. eminens – A. equitans – A. fastigiatus – A. fissifolius – A. flabelliformis – A. flexuosus – A. furcatus – A. grandifolius – A. herzogii – A. hirsutus – A. hydrolithicus – A. iridifolius – A. jeanyae – A. jesuiticus – A. junciformis – A. kleinii – A. kuhlmannii – A. laxiflorus – A. laxus – A. leptostachyus – A. longispicus – A. magallanesiae – A. maguirei – A. marginatus – A. mathewsii – A. mexicanus – A. micay – A. monticola – A. morronei – A. multipes – A. obtusifolius – A. oiapocensis – A. paschalis – A. passourae – A. paucisetosus – A. pellitus – A. pennellii – A. perlongus – A. piccae – A. poiophyllus – A. polydactylus – A. polystachyus – A. pressus – A. pruinosus – A. pubivaginatus – A. purpusii – A. ramboi – A. ramosus – A. rosei – A. rosengurttii – A. rupestris – A. schultesii – A. scoparius – A. senescens – A. siccus – A. singularis – A. steyermarkii – A. succulentus – A. suffultiformis – A. suffultus – A. sulcatus – A. surinamensis – A. swallenii – A. tenuis – A. triglochinoides – A. uninodis – A. villosus – A. volcanicus – A. yutajensis – A. zuloagae


Axonopus P.Beauv., Ess. Agrostogr.: 12 (1812)
Type species: Axonopus aureus P.Beauv., Ess. Agrostogr.: 12 (1812)


Cabrera Lag., Gen. Sp. Pl.: 5 (1816).
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Ophiochloa Filg., Novon 3: 360 (1993)


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International Plant Names Index. 2013. Axonopus. Published online. Accessed: 31 Oct. 2013.

Vernacular names
English: Carpetgrass

Axonopus is a genus of plants in the grass family, known generally as carpet grass.[6] They are native primarily to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas with one species in tropical Africa and another on Easter Island.[6][4] They are sometimes rhizomatous and many are tolerant of periodic submersion.


Axonopus amapaensis G.A.Black - Brazil
Axonopus anceps (Mez) C.L.Hitchc. - Trinidad-Tobago, northern South America
Axonopus andinus G.A.Black - Bolivia
Axonopus argentinus Parodi - Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil
Axonopus aureus P.Beauv. - from Chiapas to Bolivia
Axonopus boliviensiss Renvoize - Bolivia
Axonopus brasiliensis (Spreng.) Kuhlm. - Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
Axonopus capillaris (Lam.) Chase - from Guatemala to Brazil
Axonopus casiquiarensis Davidse - Colombia, Venezuela
Axonopus caulescens (Mez) Henrard - from Guyana to Bolivia
Axonopus centralis Chase - from Nayarit to Paraíba
Axonopus chaseae G.A.Black - Bahia, Minas Gerais
Axonopus chimantensis Davidse - Venezuela
Axonopus chrysoblepharis (Lag.) Chase - from Chiapas to Paraguay
Axonopus ciliatifolius Swallen - Belize
Axonopus comans (Döll) Kuhlm. - Brazil, Paraguay
Axonopus comatus (Mez) Swallen - Venezuela, Brazil
Axonopus complanatus (Nees ex Trin.) Dedecca - Brazil
Axonopus compressus (Sw.) P.Beauv. - USA (TX to SC), West Indies, much of Latin America
Axonopus conduplicatus G.A.Black - Brazil
Axonopus cuatrecasasii G.A.Black - Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia
Axonopus debilis G.A.Black - Cuba
Axonopus elegantulus (J.Presl) Hitchc. - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Axonopus eminens (Nees) G.A.Black - from Guyana to Bolivia
Axonopus equitans Hitchc. & Chase - Trinidad-Tobago, northern South America
Axonopus fastigiatus (Nees) Kuhlm. - Brazil
Axonopus fissifolius (Raddi) Kuhlm. - USA (TX to VA), West Indies, much of Latin America
Axonopus flabelliformis Swallen - from Guyana to Bolivia
Axonopus flexuosus (Peter) Troupin - tropical Africa
Axonopus furcatus (Flüggé) Hitchc. - USA (TX to MD), Cuba, Brazil, Argentina
Axonopus gracilis G.Black - Venezuela
Axonopus grandifolius Renvoize - Bahia
Axonopus herzogii (Hack.) Hitchc. - Brazil, Bolivia
Axonopus hoehnei G.A.Black - Pará
Axonopus jeanyae Davidse - Panama
Axonopus junciformis G.A.Black - Mato Grosso
Axonopus kuhlmanniii G.A.Black - Brazil, Bolivia
Axonopus laxiflorus (Trin.) Chase - Minas Gerais
Axonopus laxus Luces - Venezuela
Axonopus leptostachyus (Flüggé) Hitchc. - Trinidad-Tobago, South America
Axonopus longispicus (Döll) Kuhlm. - northeastern South America
Axonopus magallanesiae Gir.-Cañas - Venezuela
Axonopus marginatus (Trin.) Chase ex Hitchc. - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina
Axonopus morronei Gir.-Cañas - Colombia
Axonopus oiapocensis G.A.Black - Amapá, French Guiana
Axonopus paschalis (Stapf) Pilg. - Easter Island
Axonopus passourae G.A.Black - French Guiana
Axonopus pennellii G.A.Black - Venezuela, Colombia
Axonopus piccae Gir.-Cañas - Venezuela, Colombia
Axonopus poiophyllus Chase - Mesoamerica, Colombia
Axonopus polydactylus (Steud.) Dedecca - Brazil
Axonopus polystachyus G.A.Black - Brazil
Axonopus pressus (Steud.) Parodi - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay
Axonopus pubivaginatus Henrard - northeastern South America
Axonopus purpusii (Mez) Chase - from Central Mexico to Paraguay
Axonopus ramosus Swallen - Amapá, Fr Guiana, Suriname, Venezuela
Axonopus rosei (Scribn. & Merr.) Chase - Nayarit
Axonopus rupestris Davidse - Brazil
Axonopus schultesii G.A.Black - Venezuela, Colombia
Axonopus scoparius (Flüggé) Kuhlm. - from northern Mexico to Brazil
Axonopus senescens (Döll) Henrard - Amapá, Fr Guiana, Colombia
Axonopus siccus (Nees) Kuhlm. - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina
Axonopus steyermarkii Swallen - Venezuela
Axonopus succulentus G.A.Black - Paraguay
Axonopus suffultiformis G.A.Black - Venezuela
Axonopus suffultuss (J.C.Mikan ex Trin.) Parodi - Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina
Axonopus surinamensis (Steud.) Henrard - northeastern South America
Axonopus triglochinoides (Mez) Dedecca - Amazon Basin
Axonopus volcanicus R.W.Pohl - Costa Rica
Axonopus yutajensis G.A.Black - Venezuela
Axonopus zuloagae Gir.-Cañas - Colombia

formerly included[4]

see Alloteropsis Digitaria Panicum Paspalum Sporobolus

Axonopus corymbosus - Digitaria compacta
Axonopus digitatus - Digitaria nuda
Axonopus ecklonianus - Panicum ecklonii
Axonopus latifolius - Alloteropsis cimicina
Axonopus maidenianus - Alloteropsis semialata
Axonopus paniceus - Digitaria panicea
Axonopus paniculatus - Alloteropsis paniculata
Axonopus poiretii - Sporobolus junceus
Axonopus proximus - Paspalum ellipticum
Axonopus repens - Paspalum repens
Axonopus semialatus - Alloteropsis semialata

See also

List of Poaceae genera


The International Plant Names Index, search for Axonopus
lectotype designated by Hitchcock, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 12: 142 (1908)
Tropicos, Axonopus P. Beauv.
Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families
Tropicos, Panicum sect. Cabrera (Lag.) Trin
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