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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Liliales

Familia: Alstroemeriaceae
Tribus: Alstroemerieae
Genus: Bomarea
Subgenera: B. subg. Baccata – B. subg. Bomarea – B. subg. Leontochir – B. subg. Sphaerine – B. subg. Surgentia – B. subg. Wichuraea

Species overview: B. acutifolia – B. albimontana – B. alstroemerioides – B. amazonica – B. amilcariana – B. ampayesana – B. anceps – B. andimarcana – B. andreana – B. angulata – B. angustissima – B. aurantiaca – B. boliviensis – B. brachysepala – B. bracteata – B. bracteolata – B. bredemeyerana – B. brevis – B. callejasiana – B. campanularia – B. campylophylla – B. carderi – B. caucana – B. caudata – B. caudatisepala – B. ceratophora – B. chaparensis – B. chimboracensis – B. chiriquina – B. coccinea – B. colombiana – B. cordifolia – B. cornigera – B. cornuta – B. costaricensis – B. crassifolia – B. crinita – B. crocea – B. densiflora – B. denticulata – B. diffracta – B. dispar – B. dissitifolia – B. distichophylla – B. dolichocarpa – B. dulcis – B. edulis – B. endotrachys – B. engleriana – B. euryantha – B. euryphylla – B. evecta – B. ferreyrae – B. foetheriana – B. formosissima – B. glaucescens – B. goniocaulon – B. graminifolia – B. hartwegii – B. herbertiana – B. herrerae – B. hieronymi – B. hirsuta – B. huanuco – B. inaequalis – B. involucrosa – B. kraenzlinii – B. lancifolia – B. latifolia – B. libertadensis – B. linifolia – B. longipes – B. longistyla – B. lopezii – B. lutea – B. macrocephala – B. macusanii – B. moritziana – B. multiflora – B. multipes – B. nematocaulon – B. nervosa – B. nubigena – B. obovata – B. ovallei – B. ovata – B. oxytepala – B. pardina – B. parvifolia – B. patacoensis – B. patinii – B. pauciflora – B. perglabra – B. peruviana – B. porrecta – B. pseudopurpurea – B. pudibunda – B. pumila – B. puracensis – B. purpurea – B. rosea – B. salicifolia – B. salsilla – B. secundifolia – B. setacea – B. shuttleworthii – B. speciosa – B. spissiflora – B. stans – B. suberecta – B. superba – B. tarmensis – B. torta – B. tribrachiata – B. trichophylla – B. trimorphophylla – B. truxillensis – B. uncifolia – B. vargasii – B. velascoana – B. vitellina – B. weigendii

Bomarea Mirb. (1804)

Type species: B. ovata (Cav.) Mirb.


Collania Herb. (1837); nom. illeg.
Type species: non design.
Danbya Salisb. (1866)
Type species: D. distichifolia (Ruiz & Pav.) Salisb.
Dodecasperma Raf. (1838)
Type species: D. acutifolium (Link & Otto) Raf.
Leontochir Phil. (1873)
Type species: L. ovallei Phil
Sphaerine Herb. (1837); nom. inval.
Type species: S. distichophylla (Ruiz & Pav.) Herb.
Vandesia Salisb. (1812)
Type species: V. edulis (Tussac) Salisb.
Wichuraea M.Roem. (1847)
Type species: W. involucrosa (Herb.) M.Roem.


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Vernacular names
latviešu: bomarejas

Bomarea is one of the two major genera in the plant family Alstroemeriaceae. Most occur in the Andes,[4] but some occur well into Central America, Mexico and the West Indies.[2] Some species are grown as ornamental plants.[5][6][7]

These plants are similar to their relatives in Alstroemeria, but many take a twining form. Others stand freely upright. A distinctive morphological trait of most, if not all, Alstroemeriaceae is resupinate leaves. The blades twist from the base, taking an upside-down position on the stems.

Bomarea is divided into four subgenera, Baccata, Bomarea, Sphaerine, and Wichuraea. The largest is Bomarea with about 70 species.[8]

There are about 110[9] to 122 species[8] in the genus.

Species accepted as of July 2014:[2]

Image Name Distribution
Bomarea acutifolia (9725807281).jpg Bomarea acutifolia Mexico, Central America
Bomarea albimontana Peru
Bomarea alstroemerioides Peru
Bomarea amazonica Peru
Bomarea amilcariana Venezuela
Bomarea ampayesana Peru
Bomarea anceps Peru
Bomarea andimarcana Peru, Bolivia
Bomarea andreana, the Needleleaf Bomarea (9729039126).jpg Bomarea andreana Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
Bomarea angulata Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea angustissima Peru
Bomarea aurantiaca Peru, Bolivia
Bomarea boliviensis Bolivia, Argentina
Bomarea brachysepala Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea bracteata Peru
Bomarea bracteolata Panama
Bomarea bredemeyeriana Colombia, Venezuela
Bomarea brevis Peru, Bolivia
Bomarea callejasiana Colombia
Bomarea campanularia Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea campylophylla Peru
Bomarea carderi Panama, Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea caucana Colombia
Bomarea caudata Peru
Bomarea caudatisepala Panama
Bomarea ceratophora Ecuador
Bomarea chaparensis Bolivia
Bomarea chimborazensis Ecuador
Bomarea chiriquina Panama, Costa Rica
Bomarea coccinea Peru
Bomarea colombiana Colombia
Bomarea cordifolia Peru
Bomarea cornigera Peru
Bomarea cornuta Peru, Ecuador
Vegetacion de Bosque Tropical en Costa Rica 032.jpg Bomarea costaricensis Panama, Costa Rica
Bomarea crassifolia Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru
Bomarea crinita Peru
Bomarea crocea Peru
Bomarea densiflora Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea denticulata Peru
Bomarea diffracta Colombia
Bomarea dispar Peru
Bomarea dissitifolia Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea dolichocarpa Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea dulcis Peru, Bolivia, Chile
Bomarea edulis - Basel - 2.jpg Bomarea edulis widespread across much of Latin America from central Mexico to Argentina, plus West Indies
Bomarea endotrachys Peru
Bomarea engleriana Peru
Bomarea euryantha Colombia
Bomarea euryphylla Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea evecta Ecuador
Bomarea ferreyrae Peru
Bomarea foertheriana Peru
Bomarea formosissima Peru, Bolivia
Bomarea glaucescens.jpg Bomarea glaucescens Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia
Bomarea goniocaulon Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea graminifolia Ecuador
Bomarea hartwegii Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea herbertiana Colombia
Bomarea herrerae Peru
Bomarea hieronymi Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea hirsuta (or kalbreyeri) (9725806861).jpg Bomarea hirsuta Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea huanuco Peru
Bomarea inaequalis Colombia
Bomarea involucrosa Peru, Bolivia
Bomarea kraenzlinii Colombia
Bomarea lancifolia Ecuador
Bomarea latifolia Peru
Bomarea libertadensis Peru
Bomarea linifolia Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea longipes (9729036996).jpg Bomarea longipes Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea longistyla Peru
Bomarea lopezii Venezuela
Bomarea lutea Ecuador
Bomarea macrocephala Argentina, Bolivia
Bomarea macusanii Peru
Bomarea moritziana Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
Bomarea multiflora 01.jpg Bomarea multiflora Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea multipes Ecuador
Bomarea nematocaulon Peru
Bomarea nervosa Peru, Ecuador
Bomarea nubigena Ecuador
Bomarea obovata Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Variación en color de la Bomarea ovallei.jpg Bomarea ovallei Atacama
Bomarea ovata Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
Bomarea oxytepala Ecuador
Bomarea pardina Colombia, Peru
Bomarea parvifolia Peru
Bomarea Southern Ecuador.jpg Bomarea patacoensis Ecuador
Bomarea patinii, flowerhead and seeds (9725805119).jpg Bomarea patinii Colombia, Ecuador
Bomarea pauciflora 1.jpg Bomarea pauciflora Colombia, Venezuela
Bomarea perglabra Ecuador
Bomarea peruviana Peru
Bomarea porrecta Peru
Bomarea pseudopurpurea Peru
Bomarea pudibunda Colombia
Bomarea pumila Bolivia, Peru
Bomarea puracensis Colombia
Bomarea purpurea Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea rosea Peru
Bomarea salsilla (8383817009).jpg Bomarea salicifolia Venezuela
Bomarea salsilla Chile
Bomarea secundifolia Peru
Bomarea setacea Peru
Bomarea shuttleworthii Colombia
Bomarea speciosa Peru
Bomarea spissiflora Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea stans Argentina, Bolivia
Bomarea suberecta Panama, Costa Rica
Bomarea superba Peru
Bomarea tarmensis Peru
Bomarea torta Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea tribrachiata Ecuador, Peru
Bomarea trichophylla Colombia
Bomarea trimorphophylla Ecuador
Bomarea truxillensis Venezuela
Bomarea uncifolia Ecuador
Bomarea vargasii Peru
Bomarea velascoana Peru
Bomarea vitellina Colombia
Bomarea weigendii Peru


lectotype designated by Sanso & Xifreda, Darwiniana 33: 323 (1995)
Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families
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Alzate, F., et al. (2008). Panbiogeographical analysis of the genus Bomarea (Alstroemeriaceae). Journal of Biogeography 35 1250-57.

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