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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids II
Ordo: Myrtales

Familia: Myrtaceae
Subfamilia: Myrtoideae
Tribus: Myrteae
Genus: Calycorectes
Species: C. australis – C. duarteanus – C. schottianus – C. sellowianus – C. wurdackii – C. yatuae

Calycorectes O.Berg

Possibly better included in Eugenia L.

USDA, ARS, Germplasm Resources Information Network. Calycorectes in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Accessed: 19 January 2008.

Calycorectes is a genus of plant in family Myrtaceae first described as a genus in 1856.[4][2] It is native to South America, southern Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.[3]

Accepted species[3]

Calycorectes acutatus (Miq.) Toledo - SE Brazil
Calycorectes batavorum McVaugh - Suriname
Calycorectes belemii Mattos - Bahia
Calycorectes bergii Sandwith - Suriname, Guyana, Fr Guiana
Calycorectes beruttii Mattos - Bahia
Calycorectes costatus Mattos & D.Legrand - B Amazonas
Calycorectes cucullatus Mattos - São Paulo
Calycorectes dardanoi Mattos - Pernambuco
Calycorectes dominicanus Mattos - Dominican Republic
Calycorectes enormis McVaugh - S Venezuela
Calycorectes ferrugineus Mattos - Goiás
Calycorectes fluminensis Mattos - Rio de Janeiro
Calycorectes grandifolius O.Berg - Suriname, French Guiana
Calycorectes heringerianus Mattos - Minas Gerais
Calycorectes langsdorffii O.Berg - Bahia
Calycorectes martianus O.Berg - Rio de Janeiro
Calycorectes maximus McVaugh - Suriname
Calycorectes mexicanus O.Berg - Oaxaca, Veracruz[5]
Calycorectes orlandoi Mattos - Bahia
Calycorectes paraguayensis Mattos - São Paulo, Paraguay
Calycorectes paranaensis Mattos - Paraná
Calycorectes pirataquinensis Mattos - Bahia
Calycorectes pohlianus (O.Berg) Kiaersk. - Rio de Janeiro Santa Catarina
Calycorectes rodriguesii Mattos & D.Legrand - B Amazonas
Calycorectes rogersianus Mattos - Colombia
Calycorectes schottianus Berg - Rio de Janeiro, Paraná
Calycorectes teixeireanus Mattos - Rio de Janeiro
Calycorectes wurdackii McVaugh - Peru

Formerly included

moved to other genera: Eugenia Hottea Plinia Psidium Siphoneugena Stereocaryum

Calycorectes ambivalens - Eugenia lagoensis
Calycorectes australis - Eugenia brevistyla
Calycorectes cubensis - Plinia cubensis
Calycorectes densiflorus - Siphoneugena densiflora
Calycorectes duarteanus - Eugenia brevistyla
Calycorectes guyanensis - Eugenia galbaoensis
Calycorectes latifolius - Eugenia latifolia
Calycorectes legrandii - Eugenia psidiiflora
Calycorectes lourteigiae - Eugenia malacantha
Calycorectes macrocalyx - Eugenia wentii
Calycorectes minutifolius - Eugenia neibensis
Calycorectes moana - Hottea moana
Calycorectes ovigerus - Stereocaryum ovigerum
Calycorectes protractus - Psidium sartorianum
Calycorectes psidiiflorus - Eugenia psidiiflora
Calycorectes riedelianus - Eugenia psidiiflora
Calycorectes rubiginosus - Stereocaryum rubiginosum
Calycorectes schultzianus - Eugenia psidiiflora
Calycorectes sellowianus - Eugenia brevistyla
Calycorectes striatulus - Eugenia psidiiflora
Calycorectes widgrenianus - Siphoneugena crassifolia
Calycorectes yatuae - Eugenia yatuae


lectotype designated by Amshoff, Rec. Trav. Bot. Nierl. 39: 156 (1942)
Tropicos, Calycorectes O. Berg
Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families
Berg, Otto Karl. 1856. 27(2–3): 136, 317-319 in Latin
Sánchez-Vindas, P. E. 1990. Myrtaceae. Flora de Veracruz 62: 1–146.

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